I’m still working out something amusingly urbane to write here. In the meantime, here is the slightly cringeworthy bio I use in articles and books. Well, book.


David Wagner has been creating mobile games and applications for over a decade – from the days when 96x64 pixel displays with 4 shades of green were a luxury, through to the present with multi-cored, GPU accelerated devices of pure awesome. In between he’s played with assembler, made a career of embedded C programming, decided browsers were more fun with ActionScript, then went back to the future with Objective-C.

If you want to read his occasionally coherent ravings, visit: noiseandheat.com or you can follow his stream of geekery on Twitter @kaeladan. If you are brave, you can send a missive to his wild and overgrown inbox: mnem@noiseandheat.com.