Fb-zenburnish: A Zenburn Inspired Colour Scheme for FlashBuilder 4

Ok, in order to avoid any real coding at the weekend, I set about messing with the colours and settings within FlashBuilder 4 to turn it into something a little less searing on the eyeballs. These are the results:

Certainly more soothing on my eyeballs anyway. You can grab the theme from:

There are instructions for installation in the README file, but for the sake of padding out an entry to make it seem like I wrote more, here they are in full:

  1. Launch FlashBuilder.
  2. Choose File → Export → Other.
  3. Open General and select Preferences.
  4. Click next, select “Export all” and “Browse…” to save a backup of your current preferences somewhere.
  5. Keep that backup safe in case this all goes titsup.
  6. Choose File → Import → Other.
  7. Open General and select Preferences.
  8. Browse to where you’ve downloaded fb-zenburnish.epf and select it. Make sure “Import all” is selected, ignore any warnings and hit “Finish”.
  9. Panic, as your colours look crazy-ass.
  10. Choose File → Restart to reload Eclipse.
  11. Exhale gently and let the sublime colours wash, soothingly, through your eyeballs, caressing your optic nerves, and then engaging in a group hug with your brain. Well, I like it anyway. I don’t hold with this modern nonsense of having a white background for everything. I’m a programmer, not a surface dweller.

In case you are interested, the original (and best, of course) zenburn for vim theme is here:

P.S. I highly recommend downloading Inconsolata to use a programming font. It’s beautiful, and practical. I generally use Anonymous Pro for texty programming stuff, but that doesn’t seem to work very well in Eclipse. I may switch all my editors to Inconsolata though, now I know it exists.