How Many Bytes Would a Petabyte Bite if a Petabyte Could Bite Bytes?

The CompactFlash association has just released a new specification for future CompactFlash cards. It involves big numbers. 144 petabytes big, to be specific. But how big is that really?

144 petabytes = gigabytes.

Production quality 1080p video: 3 gigabits per second which equals 0.375 gigabytes per second.

So, using that:

150,994,944 / 0.375= 402,653,184 seconds of video
= 6,710,886.4 minutes of video
= 111,848.106. hours of video
= 4,660.337. days of video
= 12.768 years of continuous video

12 years of continuous 1080p video. Slap around 9 of those in a camera and you can continuously video almost anyone for their entire life. May as well be generous and use 10 - that should let you stick some low quality sound recording of their entire life on it too.

I suspect the future will see an increased number of murders due to screenings of family holiday videos…