Aaaaaand, the Hibernation Ends

Well, what a pleasant hiatus that was. Almost 3 months. However, no more! I shall get back to blogging random useless technical details about various things. I know you missed me really.

So, what’s happening next? Well, firstly, I’m temporarily turning to the Dark Side and getting a Nexus One. This shiny new toy should be in my sweaty paws within the week. I’m thoroughly looking forward to breaking it. I may even try some Flash programming on it, although I’m far more interested in the Android NDK at the moment. Since I have no creative bones, I want to see how well it lends itself to running Box2D (I know it’s already been ported to NDK, but what’s the point of Open Source if you can’t rewrite the wheel every couple of weeks?).

After that, I may actually get around to finishing the shabby little accelerated computation engine thingy I was writing for PixelBender and Flash.

Maybe by mentioning these things somewhere, I’ll actually get around to finishing them…

Firstly, however, I’ll have to tinker with Eclipse. I really don’t like white backgrounds and black text in a code editor. Plus, I like procrastinating and putting off actual productive work.

While you are waiting for all those terribly exciting projects to appear, why not go an learn guitar? You’ll have time. Try for nice course.