Unscientific Browser Speed Test

Out of curiosity, I ran the HTML5 particle thing I hacked together on a few browsers, and the rough order of performance was:

  1. Chrome: ~83 FPS
  2. Win 7 Safari: ~82 FPS
  3. OS X Safari: ~60 FPS
  4. Internet Explorer 9: ~54 FPS
  5. Firefox 4 b6: ~43 FPS
  6. Firefox 3: ~16 FPS
  7. iOS 4.2 Safari, iPhone 4: ~3 FPS

The FPS recorded is the “Potential FPS” figure which is calculated by adding the average render and update times, and seeing how many of those cycles would fit in a second.

It’s interesting to see how far ahead of the others Chrome and Safari are on Windows. The other browsers have some catching up to do for raw pixel pushing (give or take my rubbish code).

Even though this is a pretty uncontrolled measure, it’s a beginning from which to work out how to do things better. I’m really looking forward to try to get some degree of useful performance from the mobile versions, especially after reading this blog post.