Ludum Dare 22: Alone

My first venture into the world of programming competitions is beginning with Ludum Dare 22. I wonder if I’ll have anything finished by the end of it?

OS X Lion Terminal Colours

OS X is awesome for command line stuff, that’s why real programmers love it. But some of the defaults Apple have used make me sad. Where are all the colours? I demand my ls command be pretty and colourful! Why is Vim so bland? While we’re at it, can’t ping lick my eyeballs more?

Installing ReviewBoard on Amazon EC2

Recently at HuzuTech I updated our installation of ReviewBoard, which is a great code review tool. Rather than just update packages though, I decided to rebuild the server for shits and giggles. Herein lies my method, just in case you want to set one up yourself.


UPDATE: Sparrow 1.3 has now been released and it includes an updated and significantly enhanced AppScaffold project which makes most of the reasons to use SparrowBones redundant. I recommend you use the official AppScaffold project as a starting point now, rather than SparrowBones.

Sparrow-Framework is pretty awesome for quickly chucking together iOS games. But wouldn’t it be nicer if there was a handy Xcode 4 template to start from?

No Vodka Tampons, We’re Scottish

So I’ve been thinking about this, and pending further evidence I’m going to assume that the story about vodka soaked tampons (see KPHO) is rubbish. Every so often it seems to make the rounds (see Snopes). Here’s why I’m an unbeliever.

Shuffling Arrays

For some reason, there doesn’t seem to be any sane example of shuffling arrays in ActionScript blogland. I discovered this when I was trying to send a lazy link to someone of an implementation rather than write the code myself. Oh, by sane I mean vaguely efficient, not overusing crazy Math.floor or Array.slice functions.

FlexUnit Visual Listener

Let’s face it, we all use Flash and AS3 because we like pretty eye candy. Otherwise we’d just use a real language.