Sparrow Framework AppScaffold Not Archiving Correctly - Fix

UPDATED: The pull request was merged, so this should be all fixed.

If you’ve tried to create an app using the latest Sparrow Framework and XCode 4, then tried to Archive it (say for distributing via the excellent TestFlightApp service), you may have run into an error similar to the following:

AppScaffold Cannot be Validated “AppScaffold” does not contain a single–bundle application or contains multiple products. Please select another archive, or adjust your scheme to create a single–bundle application.

Simple Clipped Image for Sparrow Framework

I’m currently playing around with the rather fine iOS game engine, Sparrow Framework.

I had been aware of it for a while, but hadn’t really got my hands dirty using it. However I’ve recently resolved to work on a few side projects with Dave Thomson who waxed lyrical about it’s ease of use, so I decided to learn a bit more about it.

Pretty Git

Being a Mac user, I’m unable to work with anything that doesn’t have eye candy, even my terminal. So, I knocked together a quick bash function to prettify my terminal a little. It probably works in any bash or bash like environment with git installed:


This is an extended reply to a question:

I was shocked to see the following listed as a negative against the
Playbook: ‘Supports Flash’.


Does Flash deserve the criticism it’s getting at the moment and what can Adobe
do to rectify the situation?

Pixels, HTML5 Canvas Style

I have finally forced myself to fiddle a little with the canvas element that’s part of the HTML5 spec. It has some pretty groovy facilities, but I’m still playing around getting a feel for what it can do well and what it does badly. So far, it seems reasonable at primitive writing operations, easily handling 6,000 opaque filled rectangle draws at 30 frames per second:

Aaaaaand, the Hibernation Ends

Well, what a pleasant hiatus that was. Almost 3 months. However, no more! I shall get back to blogging random useless technical details about various things. I know you missed me really.